Welcome to the Heisenberg Escaperoom

Over the past few weeks the first years' committee has been working hard on this online escaperoom for your enjoyment! If you need hints or any other help, please contact the first year committee.
In this escaperoom your team is a secret intelligence team of the biggest and baddest drugcompany in town. Please pick a teamname for your highly intelligent selves. your adventure will start when you are ready...


Just some extra information: This escaperoom is best played in Google Chrome on full screen mode. So we really advise to use this browser.
Furthermore, you can use the internet to search information. For some puzzles this is necesarry!

All rights reserved © to the first years' committee of SVTN "J.D. van der Waals" 2019-2020: Heisenberg, Breaking Brains.

Consisting of:
Luc Voorend
Anna Bugai
Damian Dassen
Eline Boom
Susanne van Os
Rein Albers